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What is the purpose of window tinting film?

Window tinting film protects from cancer causing UV Rays, rejects heat, provides privacy and comfort.

What is the legal limit of darkness in the UAE?

Automotive: as per RTA regulation since July 1st, 2017 legal limit for window tinting in the UAE is 50% darkness. Citizens and residents of the UAE can have darker than legal limit of window tinting with special permission from the RTA or in case of the medical condition.  Residential and commercial: As per commercial or residential window tinting there are no regulations or restrictions with regards to colors or darkness of the film.

Which brands of window tinting films are available?

Tint and Sun offers 3M, Johnson,Llumar, Armolan, Konica Minolta, Scorpion and Sun Guard brands.

What are the types of window tinting films?

There are three types of films: a) basic films – 35% - 45% of heat rejection, 2 years warranty b)high performance films (HP) – 45% - 55% of heat rejection, 5 years warranty c)ceramic films – 55% - 70% of heat rejection, lifetime warranty.

What type of tinting film is best?

The best is a ceramic film. It blocks 99% of UV rays, reduces glare more than other types of films (86%) and does not fade.

How long does it take to fully cure the film?

It usually takes 48 hours for the film to dry. Depending on a type of film you choose (basic or ceramic) it might take up to one week to fully cure.

How long shall the windows be kept up?

Windows shall not be rolled down for the first 48 hours after installation. There might be small moisture pockets for few days. It will get cured in by itself.

What is a basic treatment of tinted glass?

Advisable to use for cleaning: water, foam cleaners (not containing ammonia) and soft cotton or microfiber cloth. Vehicle after window tinting film installation should be parked indoors or in the shade as often as possible. It is forbitten to use scrubbers, steel wool, or rough cloth for cleaning tinted glass.

What does warranty cover?

Warranty covers discoloration, bubbling or any other damage. The warranty is valid from the date of fixing. For warranty claim, original invoice should be presented.

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