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Residential and commercial windows tinting 
        -Heat rejection  -Privacy  -Security -UV block 


Tint and Sun Dubai Team will take a professional care of your residence or an office. 

Residential and commercial window tinting or customized decorative film

installation will help you to prevent:

- 99.9% UV rays

- 65% of incoming solar heat 

- 91% glare in the house

- 100% furniture fading protection


Types of films available : 

  • Ceramic windows / doors / glass panels tinting ​film specs

50% to 62% of heat rejection 

0% 05% 10% 30% 50% 70% darkness 

99% UV block 

2 years warranty 

Ceramic windows tinting film provides privacy look from outside and very clear look from inside the glass. Price starts from AED 142 per square meter  . 

  • Nano Ceramic windows / doors / glass panels tinting film specs

78% to 84% of heat rejection

0% 10% 30% 50% 70% 80% darkness 

99% UV block 

3 years to 5 years warranty 

Nano ceramic windows tinting film provides the highest heat rejection available in the market, significantly reduces the AC bill and blocks out 80% of unwanted sun brightness. Price starts from AED 235 per square meter. 

  • Frosted windows / glasses / balconies / French doors films specs

100% UV block 

30% 50% 80% frost level 

2 years warranty 

Frosted film is a perfect privacy solution, available in white and grey colors with different level of frost. Suitable for office meeting rooms, privacy spots, divider windows, shower panels, balconies glass, bedrooms and kitchen doors etc. Price starts from AED 110 per meter.   

  • Black out Self-adhesive and Mirror finish films specs 

100% UV block 

100% light block 

any color plus mirror finish designs are available 

2 years warranty 

Self-adhesive films or foils are mostly used to enhance the existing interior design instead of painting or as a paint protection of expensive objects. Self-adhesive films are only for indoor use and can be easily installed on wooden, metal, plastic, glass and aluminum surfaces. Price starts from AED 210 per meter. 

For consultation or quotations please contact us.

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